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In a globalized world, competitiveness depends in great part on logistical efficiency, which includes planning, implementation, operation and control of efficient and effective supply chains that add value to your products and generate differentiation on the international market.

AJR’s consulting division has the capacity to analyze, evaluate and propose the best solutions to optimize your supply chain, thanks to the more than 25 years of experience designing and operating logistical processes for world-class companies.

AJR uses best practices to develop its client’s logistical infrastructure. We operate integrated logistics platforms in industries such as cement, automotive, perishables, metals, retail, agricultural and minerals. Our experience in these industries are part of the advantage that we continually make available to our clients in order to increase the efficiency of their supply chains.

AJR is structured to provide value-added logistical services through arrangements and agreements with customs agents, storage companies, terminals and world class air, maritime and land transportation companies, generating integrated solutions with advantages in availability, price and the ability to deliver consistent services and a diversity of loading options.

Additionally, with the experience of 25 years in the field of foreign trade, AJR offers a high level of expertise in customs clearance compliance and processing of requests in its various forms, as well as virtual operations, supported by technology, and specialized solutions for foreign trade operations.

All areas of AJR – consulting, operations and customs – are built to meet the requirements of our clients generating confidence and security in international trade operations.

Our main services include:

International transport

  • Maritime: LCL/FCL
  • Air
  • Land: LTL/FTL
  • Railway: flat car, head, center beam, boxcar and hopper car.
  • Intermodal
  • Delivery and collection at the international level
  • Chartering of ships for cargo, bulk mineral or agricultural
  • Project shipments
  • Specialized (Roll on/Roll off)
  • Hazardous, chilled, oversized cargo
  • Door-to-door


  • Customs clearance
  • Virtual operations
  • Supplementary motions
  • Changes of regime, regularization and correction

Services to the industry

  • Storage
  • Cargo Strengthening
  • Maneuvers
  • Transfer: chemicals, plastics
  • Labelling
  • Insurance
  • Custody service
  • Tax warehouse in USA


  • Advice on integral logistics
  • Development of projects
  • Customized solutions
  • Optimization of supply chains
  • Cargo insurance
  • Importer company for foreign companies that don’t have a national representative.