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AJR has developed a digital system of inventory control dubbed SICOMEX. SICOMEX enables your business to comply with annex 24 and annex 31 of the Reglas de Carácter General en Materia de Comercio Exterior. AJR’s SICOMEX system by far surpasses provisions set out by the law, allowing your company to manage its export initiatives in the most legally sound and productive way.

AJR’s ANA™ system offers its clients speed and accuracy in handling all inbound and outbound materials complete with comprehensive reporting, filing systems and built in (up-to-date) legal compliance. Further, your company will receive daily access to official customs declarations released by the Mexican authorities. With ANA™, your business will easily and quickly generate accurate COVEs and E-documents, as well as recover and manage all other important electronic records that are in the possession of the Mexican Customs Authorities. Further, ANA™ has a unique file module designated foreign trade, tax information, fixed assets, COVEs and digitization of customs documentation and paperwork that allows your company to initiate flexible means of document management.